Loungeclassics is a musical initiative of saxophonist and producer Carlo Banning. After he finished his education at the academy of music in Amsterdam, he played in several cover bands, on festivals and big events, in the theatre and in clubs. In 2007 he decided to combine his broad stage experience and musical diversity in the innovative live concept Loungeclassics. In this formation he uses (re)mixes or popular songs like ‘Summertime’, ‘Get Lucky’, ‘All I Need’, ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘My Funny Valentine’ as well as plays relaxed, modern tracks.

Loungeclassics is suitable for receptions, seminars, parties, gatherings and other events, where the live lounge music creates a relaxed atmosphere. Loungeclassics bookings are either for an entire evening (3x45 minutes) or for another period of time that we can discuss. The performance by Loungeclassics could be preceded by DJ-Saxofonist, Beatsclassics and Jazzclassics. Go to our Contact page and let us review the different options to organise your ideal musical evening. Carlo is also playing in Aristos Hornz (a hornsection) with the dutch artist Danny Vera.

Band members

Loungeclassics can consist of just one person, DJ/saxophonist Carlo Banning who plays live lounge music. In this case he will perform as a DJ as well as a saxophone player. He will use an especially programmed laptop and pedal to be able to take on these two rolls all at once. If you would prefer a ‘real’ DJ behind the turntable, this is of course also a possibility. Another popular addition is a female singer.

Zosja El Rhazi is our Loungeclassics singer. She was one of the finalists in the first edition of Idols and got her degree with distinction at the academy of music in Amsterdam in 2008. Her first single, ‘I am sorry’, became the title song of the romantic comedy Phileine zegt sorry. Zosja teaches singing at the academy of music in Zwolle and Enschede.

Other possible additions to the Loungeclassics formation are percussion and/or piano/keyboard for an extra live lounge sound. Ask for advice about all the different options there are.